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Once more.. we live!! @_@

At least, I know I do. Hello, everyone and welcome to another belated installment of konayuki. I'm your host, leochan coming to you from Houston, TX with another update to this community!

Real life has been hitting both me AND selphish pretty hard and it's been 4 months since anyone last updated. o_O; Not to worry though! I have a big huge update for the lot of you! :D

Yes, that's right: I have icons, an updated layout AND an updated user info, so if you want, go ahead and check out all of those.

[21] Tales of Symphonia
  • [05] Genis Sage
  • [04] Sheena Fujibayashi
  • [04] Lloyd Irving
  • [08] Zelos Wilder

  • [08] Mikuni Shimokawa
    [02] Ashita no Nadja (Spoiler ep 50)
    [02] Card Captor Sakura
    [05] Random
  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Ami Mizuno)
  • Full Moon Wo Sagashite
  • Futari Wa Pretty Cure
  • Gundam SEED Destiny (Meer Campbell)
  • Pita Ten
    Total:38 icons

    Icons worked on by me. Please, give credit where credit is due. If I can take time to update our userinfo with all the stuff I used images and brushes from, you can put in your icon keywords who at least worked on the icon. :D

    And with that.. TO THE ICONS!Collapse )
    Now that THAT is over and done with... off to sleep I go!

    <3 leochan
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    The Pretty Cure Mood Theme!


    1. Download and unzip http://www.sapphirelily.com/premoti.zip
    2. Upload the moods to your own server.
    3. Go to http://www.livejournal.com/manage/
    4. Click on Mood Theme Editor
    5. Create a new theme.
    6. Copy and paste link to your uploaded mood in its respective spot.
    8. Goto Modify Journal, select the mood, and you're done!

    See? Wasn't that easy?
    Please comment and credit if you plan on using it. ^_^

    Now... if you want to learn more about Futari Wa Pretty Cure, please go to precure and join today! :D
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    Well, I've got two great news for everyone!

    1) I've updated the layout of the community.
    2) I've got a batch of icons after about half a year! ... yes.. I've been a bad girl. Bad me for not making icons. D:

    Here's a list of everything I've got.
    [07] Chobits
    [01] Chrno Crusade (Chrno)
    [12] Gundam SEED (Lacus)
    [11] Kannazuki no Miko
    [01] Mahoromatic
    [06] Yuki Kajiura - Fiction Song Set (Gundam SEED icons)
  • [01] KiraxLacus
  • [01] AthrunxLacus
  • [01] Kira
  • [03] Lacus

  • [38] Total

    A lot of these are just different versions of one icon.. so don't get your hopes up too high if you were looking for a lot. D:

    First.. the song set to get it out of the way. :DCollapse )

    And then we have the other icons. :DCollapse )

    * - Won first place at chrno_icontest
    Now, remember kiddies! :D
    Comment and then credit! .. not hot linking please. D:
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    I'm moving.

    Hey, everyone. quietdistrict. Yup, I'm moving. First of all, I want to thank leochan, and selphish for helping me stick a flag for myself in the graphics community. But, I think it's time I moved to my own journal, and I'll always have konayuki to thank. All my icon posts are going to be other there now, so if you like my icons, please join it [Don't worry, even though is shows you as a member, only I can post.]! And, if you have your own icon journal, I'll affiliate, just comment. A big post will be coming soon, so check it out.

    Thank you for enjoying my work, and I'll see you over at quietdistrict!

    Poll for two zero zero five;

    I was wondering what you guys would rather have for my icon poss..

    Poll #411019 Kind of Posts?

    Would you rather me post in what format?

    "Everything" posts (Alot of series together). More icons, but less frequent. (What I've been doing)
    Series specific posts. Less icons, but more frequent.
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    69 (Coincedence, I SWEAR.) ICONS;

    New icons, new style. Not as many as I usually bring, but it's enough, right? :D There's also a new layout up, made by me. The info isn't done yet, but it's Bleach to "Lack of Color" by Death Cab for Cutie.

    Fullmetal Alchemist [25]
    Naruto [5]
    CLAMP [2]
    Death Note [4]
    BLEACH [10]
    Penny Arcade [10]
    Chrno Crusade [1]
    Peace Maker Kurogane [3]
    Other [4]
    "Let Go" - Frou Frou Music Set [5]
    Friends Only Banners (Fullmetal Alchemist and L'arc~en~ciel) [2]

    'Cause there is beauty in the breakdown...Collapse )
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